7 Ways to Transform Your Retail Organization with Mobile

3/15/2017 — Mobile technology is the link that delivers real-time, user-friendly and unified information across every retail organization. With the right mobile solutions in place, retailers can provide the personalized experience today's shoppers desire while improving organizational efficiencies. The results? Higher revenue and lower costs across the organization.

Ring Up POS System Sales with Intel® vPro™ Technology

The point-of-sale (POS) machine market is extremely competitive, but designers can get an edge by appealing to two top retailer concerns: security and maintenance. Solve these problems and retailers are likely to line up for your solution. See how Intel® vPro™ platforms enable solutions that button up security and minimize maintenance costs through remote management. Download Now >>

VMware Retail Digest

As a retail leader, you, perhaps better than any of your peers across industries, understand the competitive advantage brands can gain from recognizing and embracing trends early while minimizing planning and operational risks to the business. Download Now >>

Retail 2020

This edition of Retail Digest focuses on two newer technology categories — IoT and beacons — and the dramatic impact they are having on the retail industry. Download Now >>


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